GESA Stadium to Get $2 Million in Improvements-Upgrades
On the heels of being named the BEST Class "A" short-season baseball park in America, the City of Pasco Wednesday announced $2 million in renovations and improvements are coming to the stadium in West Pasco.
The Pasco City Council will allocate some of what is called the Lodging Tax…
Report: WA State Data Breaches Up 26% Over Last Year
According to a new report released by the Washington State Attorney General's office, 3.4 million state residents were potentially affected by data breaches so far this year, an increase of 26% from 2017.
The study looked at data between July of last year and this year, and found the number of p…
Is Daylight Savings Time Just to Allow More Trick or Treating?
As we get ready to turn the clocks back, and end Daylight Savings Time (Spring forward, fall back) some experts again are questioning why we even do it in the first place?
DST was first floated by Benjamin Franklin in the very late 1700's as a way to conserve 'candles,' or energy...
Tri-Cities ‘Dodges’ First Round of Sears Bankruptcy Closings
Sears Holdings Inc. the parent company of Sears and K-Mart, announced Monday they would be filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and some 142 stores will be closed, on top of 42 already announced in August.
Fortunately, the only Sears closing in our state is the one in Bellingham, but several K Marts on the …
Surprise! 17 WA Labor Unions Join to Oppose I-1631
In a move that has some political experts raising an eyebrow, a group of some 17 .labor unions representing more than 100,000 members have formally released a statement condemning and opposing I-1631, commonly known as the "Carbon Tax" Initiative...
Fake Movie Money Being Passed Around Tri-Cities?
Officials are not immediately saying this person committed a crime, but they want more information.
Kennewick police are searching for this person, who tried to use a fake $20 movie money bill at Walmart recently.
The bill in question had "Replica" printed on the left and right sides…

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