Computer Chaos Causes Pasco Airport to Turn Back Flights
Flights had to be redirected back to land at other airports after a weather computer system that gives details to incoming planes failed late Tuesday night at the Pasco Airport according to news reports. That system, the Airport Surface Observation Weather System, sends important information to…
Some Experts Say SEARS Will Be Gone By End of Year
According to CNN Money News, The Wall Street Journal and other financial experts, the future of retail giant SEARS is very much in doubt. Not just closing another round of stores, but the entire chain going the way of Sports Authority and Radio Shack.
JC Penney To Close 138 Stores, 5 in Oregon-Will Kennewick Stay Open?
Despite turning a profit in 2016, JC Penney announced the closure of some 138 stores across the country, joining Macy's and Sears as other retail outlets who are dropping locations.  The retail giant is facing issues like the others, stemming from the growth of online shopping. The Boston Globe repo…

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