Ease Range Anxiety With New Washington Charging Stations
Range Anxiety.
It's what electric vehicle drivers in Central and Eastern Washington have been feeling as they whiz through the wonders east of the Cascades.
It's not unlike watching your own fuel gauge riding "E" or wondering if the smart phone has enough charge to complete…
Libby Middle School’s Porn Filters May Not Be Strong Enough
Libby Middle School in West Richland is a new state-of-the-art school. Each of the students has a Chromebook on which to do school work, and they are allowed to take the computers home to do homework. The school as added security features and filters to keep the kids from seeing images they don&apos…
Constitutional Seminar Coming to Tri-Cities September 23rd
What do you really know about the U.S. Constitution? Do you wish you had the knowledge and information to make you a more informed citizen? Have the tools to discuss politics and today's issues knowing you're based in facts and knowledge? Here's the chance to get it.
City of Kennewick Won’t Do 9/11 Ceremony, So Firefighters Will
In a stunning move, the City of Kennewick will not be officially sanctioning a 9/11 remembrance ceremony at the 9/11 Memorial near the Southridge Sports Complex. Budget concerns seem to be the reasoning, but that reasoning is not reasonable for the Kennewick Firefighters who, feeling doing the cerem…

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