National Parks Are FREE to Celebrate Veteran’s Day!
Pack up the fam, kick up the crew, and head out! On November 11-12th all National Parks are free to get in! That's right, no scrambling for park fees to enjoy the great outdoors. This is part of the parks' celebration of Veteran's Day. This weekend is free to get in, so camp, fish, hi…
Scaregrounds Delivered the Creepy, Scary and Fun
Halloween was the last night of the Scaregrounds at the Benton County Fairgrounds. A record number of people went through three haunted houses and shot zombies with paintballs.
Scares and thrills were offered in Project 13 - Blackout, Infected and Hillbilly Hell...
With Holidays Coming, Six Foods to NEVER Run Down Disposal
If you're like many people beginning now through Christmas, your kitchen, sink and garbage disposal are going to get a workout with all the holiday cooking and baking. But if you want to avoid having to play plumber or call one on Thanksgiving or Christmas, read on.
Here’s What’s Up This Weekend Around Tri-Cities!!
Not only is this another fantastic weekend in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas, it's Halloween weekend! So much to do! I gathered a bunch of different kinds of events so you can choose what you want to do.
Now, I didn't EVERYTHING going on, because there is just so much, so these are my…

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