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Even in Prosser, Lots of Police Drama–Check Out Activity Log
Even in a smaller community like Prosser, police are kept busy with a wide variety of sometimes bizarre or unusual events. Check out these entries from the last week, straight form Prosser's Police log:  (from December 1st onward)
*Verbal disturbance reported at Love’s Truck…
Autopsy Shows Pasco Woman Strangled During Sexual Activity
Following an autopsy and investigation, West Richland police say the 53-year-old Pasco woman found dead early Sunday morning in an apartment died of strangulation.
Alisa J. Brewer was found undressed and with a belt that had been tightened around her neck, to the point where it apparently strangled h…
Shoplifter Just HAS to Take His Drugs in With Him
A man arrested for allegedly shoplifting at Winco Foods in Kennewick  Tuesday had some extra 'goodies' on his person.
And now those will result in him going to jail for lot longer. 46-year-old Lonny Barton was arrested after he tried to leave the store with some unpaid merchandise, but…

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