6 Crazy ‘Bad Parent’ Gift Ideas Originally Made for Pets
Christmas is around the corner and we were brainstorming at work about great ideas for gifts but our minds went into the gutter. Just for fun, we made a list of crazy pet Christmas presents that could work for kids if you were up for "Bad Parent of the Year...
Where to You Can Still Buy Opening Day Star Wars Tickets in Tri-Cities
The first reviews are in and they are better then expected! If you want to see "Star Wars - The Last Jedi," you should buy your tickets now!
There are still a lot of places to buy tickets for the Thursday opening night early shows even though all the reserved recliner seats at the R…
Did You Notice This Pasco Intersection Changed?
Did you notice that the turn lanes on the 20th and Court Street intersections have changed?
Facing north, there used to be two turn lanes to the left onto Court Street. The right turn lane you had the option to drive forward or turn left...

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