Report: WA State Data Breaches Up 26% Over Last Year
According to a new report released by the Washington State Attorney General's office, 3.4 million state residents were potentially affected by data breaches so far this year, an increase of 26% from 2017.
The study looked at data between July of last year and this year, and found the number of p…
Remote Security System Nails Thieves (Just Like on TV!)
You've all seen the various video security systems ads on TV, whether it's cameras on home or in the doorbell, they depict various scenes where would-be intruders were scared off or even captured due to system.
Well, they really do often work, ask the Kennewick police department...
Rattlesnake Ridge 1 Year Later: Slowing, Changing Direction
After triggering widespread panic in some circles, it's been discovered the huge hillside slide known as Rattlesnake Ridge is actually slowing and changing direction.
Now, this doesn't mean it won't ever slide or come down. But after nearly a year since it's discovery by a pilot flying over the hill …
Alexa In Your Car? Controlling Microwave? It’s Happening
"Alexa, heat up my coffee..."  or "Alexa, turn on the dash cam."  These could be statements you will be making in less than six months, some even now.
According to CNBC, Amazon plans to unleash at least 8 more gadgets to the home and even automotive tech market, including an Alexa…

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