The World’s Biggest Food Fight
Food fight!
Not only allowed, but encouraged!
From Ivrea, Italy: The Annual Battle of the Oranges. This event involves people throwing oranges at each other to symbolize rebellion. It apparently represents a time in history when local rebels rose up and overthrew a tyrant by tossing rocks at his soldi…
Watch Alien Mothership Get Fuel From The Sun [VIDEO]
The truth is out there.
Is NASA trying to hide evidence of extra-terrestrial life from us?
A video and pictures taken by the Solar Heliospheric Observatory seem to show a UFO crashing into the sun, causing a large flare.
Other pictures released by NASA last September allegedly show an alien mothe…
Mother Nature Hammers Benton County Roads, Many Closed
One of the harshest winters in years has destroyed or damaged many Benton County roads, some are closed short-term, several probably won't be fixed for months. For those who don't travel into the outlying areas, these pictures are the first visuals of just how hard nature has been.

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