Fire Takes out Power, Forces Evacuations Near Desert Aire, Mattawa
According to fire officials no homes have been lost in a large fire that broke out Thursday near Desert Aire.
The fire, near Highway 26 which runs up from the Vernita Bridge to Vantage, began just before 2pm. These pictures were taken not long after the fire broke out, and was spreading rapidly...
Growing Wildfire Causes Evacuation of Vantage, Closes I-90
With fire smoke and haze causing difficult visibilty and flames close to the road, Interstate 90 near Vantage has been closed, at least as of 9am Tuesday.
The Kittitas County Sheriff reports the Ryegrass Coulee fire continues to grow, and evacuations are in place for some areas...
Get Ready for a Strawberry Moon Over Tri-Cities This Week!
Blue moon, New moon, Blood moon, Harvest moon... We have give names to all kinds of lunar phenomenon and here's another to add to the list: the Strawberry Moon. I had never heard of a Strawberry Moon, though the term has been around for a LONG time...

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