Weird News

Cops Helping Driver of Broken Car Learn He’s Assault Suspect
Tuesday night, Kennewick police came upon a disabled car that was being pushed out of the road by two men, turns out one wanted for assault and the driver was legally drunk.
Officers on patrol near North Kellogg and Deschutes came upon the car around 11:12pm, and learned the driver, 22-year-old Nicho…
Sweet Tooth Burglar Busted by Cops After Sugar Rush
Usually when a suspect goes to all the trouble to smash in a door, window, or work hard to get into a business, they are after something substantial. Apparently not in this case.
Tuesday morning, just after midnight, a tripped alarm sent police speeding to the Dollar Tree store in the 3000 block of W…
Did This Richland Shoplifter Say a Prayer Before Stealing!?
I'm sure we've all seen a lot of strange things in this world, but this I haven't seen THIS before. The Richland Police are looking for two suspects who removed items from Octcups Garden on May 29th. The suspects were caught on the store's surveillance cameras and it looks like o…

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