We brought you news recently that Washington CAN! is planning a media event Monday at 6 p.m. in Pasco.We contacted them with specific questions about their agenda, ideas, and plans.  Washington CAN! describes itself as the largest grassroots organization in Washington state with over 35,000 members.  Washington Community Action Network appears to be very convinced that we live in a completely racist society.

From the forward to the Legislative Report they are unveiling Monday at five locations around the state:

INSTITUTIONAL RACISM is when racial disparities are created and/or exacerbated by key societal institutions such as hospitals, public schools and private corporations. Disparate outcomes are the measure of institutional racism—regardless of whether there is racist intent by the institution or the individuals acting on behalf of the institution. Racial profiling, predatory lending, and disparities in health treatment are examples of institutional racism.

STRUCTURAL RACISM is the normalization and legitimization of an array of dynamics—historical, cultural, institutional, and interpersonal—that routinely gives an advantage to whites while producing cumulative and chronic adverse outcomes for people of color. Structural racism is the interaction of disparate outcomes across institutions. Separate and unequal schools, for instance, are a product of the
interplay of numerous factors such as historic employment discrimination, housing segregation, and racialized poverty. Structural racism is the most profound and pervasive form of racism that is deeply embedded in all aspects of society. (bold added for emphasis).

We specifically asked Washington CAN! their stance on a variety of issues, and these are a simplified platform of their ideas towards policies, programs and issues handled by the Washington State legislature: (from their press release-response)

  • Implementing the Medicaid Expansion and the Basic Health Option through health care reform
  • Expanding access to dental care
  • The Washington Voting Rights Act
  • Abolishing the death penalty
  • Broadening access to early learning
  • Prohibiting mandatory e-verify

From the health options listed, to the Washington Voting Rights Act, these are largely progressive, and often expensive (health care) programs or platforms aimed at minorities with little or no benefit or effect on the non-minority populations.

Another key issue is e-verify.  It's a computer-based program created in 1997, and began to be used by the government in 2007.  It allows employers to check out, or verify, the legal status of an employee to be working in the U.S.    Washington CAN! is strongly opposed to it's use.

Washington CAN! plans, according to their press release, to unveil their legislative report card Monday at five locations across the state, including a venue at 417 W. Lewis in Pasco.  Other venues include Spokane, Seattle, Tacoma and Olympia.    It is also very interesting to review the 50 groups that they list as "endorsing organizations,"  apparently they either actively support, or agree with Washington CAN! activities and policies.  They include:

  • SEIU
  • UFCW (united food and commercial workers union, the ones who staged possibly illegal union-type strikes outside Wal-Marts on Black Friday)
  • OneAmericaVotes (investigated for using illegals to canvas neighborhoods for Patty Murray, and for allegedly hiding financial records.)

There is also another' interesting' endorsing organization that reportedly supports Washington CAN!   The Race and Social Justice Initiative is a part of Seattle city government, and a visit to their website shows they are planning  a seminar December 13-14th entitled "Governing for Racial Equality," which will be held at Seattle University.

The keynote speaker for the first day of the event, December 13th is none other than a fellow you might have heard discussed often on the Glenn Beck Program: Van Jones.