How far the Occupy Movement has drifted from it's original call attention to the alledged '99%',  it has become worse than the Veteran Tent city that grew up in Washington D.C. after WWI.

It is now almost routine for reports of rape, shootings, murders, disease, riots and other anti-social behavior coming from in or around the Occupy Movement nationwide.  Another man has been shot and killed near the Occupy Oakland camp,  vet committed suicide in Vermont, and now New York City officials report the uprising of what is called "occupy TB' or tuberculosis,  near the Occupy Park.  Poor sanitation, poor health of many of the protestors, and the onset of winter have aggravated the conditions.   The Occupy movement across America is fast becoming looking like a camp of homeless people, who refuse to work or get a job, and just sit around expecting help from others.  And now, it's begun to hinder their health.