Whoops! What was supposed to be a stirring tribute to American veterans has turned into an embarrassing situation for the Democratic National Convention.During the pictorial salute, the huge screen at the DNC event in North Carolina showed a fleet of ships being overflown by jet fighters. While retired Admiral John Nathman (the former head of Fleet Forces Command for the U.S. Navy) spoke, four massive warships were displayed in the picture behind him.

The gaffe was spotted by recently-retired electronics warfare expert, Rob Barker, who left the Navy in 2006.   The ships were clearly part of the Soviet Black Sea Fleet -- the type he and his fellow sailors used to square off against in oceanic games of cat and mouse. Besides a long list of features on the ships that are not (nor have ever been) on U.S. vessels, the ships clearly display a white flag with a blue "X" -- the Cross of St. Andrews (a symbol of the Soviet Navy). U.S. warships clearly fly an American flag off the stern (back of the ship).

Some might not think this is THAT big a deal, however,  most Navy personnel and veterans can spot things that like in a heartbeat. And, once the blunder went public, it has gone viral through social media networks and the military. In addition, the fighter jets overhead were digitally imposed into the picture. They were pointed out by hundreds of bemused Navy vets as being older F-5 fighter aircraft sometimes used for training purposes. With their straight-wing configuration, these jets have not seen active military duty for several decades!

The DNC was attempting to show its support for our military members and veterans, but somebody just "Googling" for pictures has backfired.