The former VP of Eastside Catholic High School plans to file a lawsuit against the school for wrongful termination.

Mark Zmuda,  who was terminated after school officials learned he married his same-sex partner,  says the lawsuit was filed Friday.

School officials have already prepared a motion to dismiss the suit, according to KING-5 TV and Northwest Cable News:

"Attorneys for the school and the Archdiocese of Seattle have already drafted a motion for dismissal of the lawsuit, saying Zmuda knew that his same-sex marriage goes against the teachings of the Catholic Church.

The dismissal cites state law that provides religious schools with immunity from civil claims. The motion to dismiss alleges that the school is not required to acknowledge Zmuda's marriage and that he is prohibited from suing."

According to KING-5 TV,  Zmuda was asked by the former head of the school, Sister Mary Tracy, if he was gay in January of 2013.   When he said yes, he was asked by her not to bring his partner to any school related events.  He agreed.     When he married his partner last July,  school officials asked him about it in November.   They offered to pay for a "commitment ceremony" for the couple if he would get a divorce.  He refused, and was terminated.