Every saturday from late September thru early November, dozens of brightly uniformed miniature (and not so small!) football players descend on fields in Richland, Kennewick and Pasco for Grid Kid Football in the Mid Columbia.

As for our personal experience, we gather on the often wet grass at the Kennewick Grid Kid facility next to Eastgate Elementary on 10th, right next to the Fairgrounds.   My little man Dhylan (Dillon) plays for one of 8 organizations in Kennewick, the Colts.   There are also Tigers, Bears, Huskies, Panthers, Rams and Coyotes. and Eagles too. Each organization has a team for youth ages 5-6 thru 12-13;  from E up through A.   Currently our not so little guy plays for the "B" squad.   Having known nothing how it worked three years ago, we have found it to not only be a great activity for him learning how to properly play the game, but sportsmanship and making some very close friends.   The program begins by a draft in August, where all the perspective or first time players gather to be evaluated by the organization coaches.   Players are then placed on teams, and the fun begins.   Besides the players, there are literally hundreds of moms, dads, siblings, friends and other supporters who line the fields every saturday cheering on their kids.   And it's not just for boys either.  Each organization has at least a few girls who play-and they more than hold their own.  The Colts "A" team has a young lady who recently whooped up on a number of  our "B" teamers during an inter-squad drill, and in her last game, she forced a fumble on a running back with a very solid tackle.   Yeah, it's hard work, and sometimes he gets discouraged. But to see their joy when things go well, coming together as a team, or winning a close game, makes it worthwhile.   Regardless of what team your youngster ends up on, whether it's Kennewick, Pasco, Richland, or anywhere, Grid Kids football has been a great experience for our "little guy."   And an exciting event in November, the winners of their playoff games get to battle for the championship of each division (E through A) under the lights at Lampson Stadium for the Super Bowl.  It's pretty big, last year several thousand fans packed the home bleachers to watch the games.   So far, based upon what I have seen, I think 'little man' is going to end up being better than Dad...at least he reminds me of that often...!  A few pictures from recent games featuring my little guy.

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