In yet another chapter in the hot-bed issue of  medical marijuana, Idaho Governor Butch Otter says he will oppose any effort to legalize medical marijuana.

Republican Tom Trail of Moscow has said he will introduce a bill in the Idaho legislature to legalize medical marijuana. Otter, while speaking to the Idaho Police Chiefs Association meeting late last week, said he told Rep. Trail he would not be favorable towards such a bill.  Much like Washington, while states can declare medical marijuana to be 'legally' prescribed,  Federal laws still consider posession a crime.  In Washington, police and law enforcement are having to struggle with enforcing laws while monitoring what are legally prescribed amounts for patients, as well as legal limits for growing operations.   No statistics were given for Idaho, but in Washington alone, hundreds of arrests have been made for people who had more than one medical marijuana card, had too much of the drug, or were using the medical card as a front for large scale growing and selling operations.