A rare Janus, or two-faced cat, was recently been born in Amity, Oregon. The kitten, named Deucy, had two faces but only one set of internal organs. Owner Stephanie Durkee took the animal to the vet, who found the kitten to be in perfect health.

Experts say these rare cats don't usually live to adulthood; the vet who examined Deucy said he's only known of four or five of them who made it that far, the oldest living to 12 years old.

Deucy apparently experienced complications, and according to KGW-TV in Portland, died early Thursday. The vet who cared for the extremely rare cat was not surprised, as very few of the animals ever make it to adulthood. Deucy's chances had been deemed good, as she initially appeared to be in very good health.

(Video courtesy of Jewish News 1 via YouTube)