US Intelligence has thwarted an Iranian backed plan to kill the Saudi Ambassador in the US.

Two men, both with ties to Iran, were named in a 21 page brief made public today.  Last spring, a DEA agent posing as a high ranking member of a powerful drug cartel was contacted by one of the two defendants, Manssor Arabsiar, and asked if the drug cartel could make the hit on the Saudi Ambassador in the US.   Arabsiar has reportedly confessed to his role in the plan, the other defendant Gholam Shakuri is at large and believed to be in Iran.  The plan called for the assasination of the Ambassador, possibly by a bomb in a public restaurant.   $100,000 was alledgedly wired to an account as a down payment for the attack.  Prior to the plot being thwarted last year, Interpol, Fox News has learned, issued a warning about a possible terrorist plot against an ambassador in the US.