This Friday, don't miss 'Tough Talks', a leadership seminar with Paul Casey.Paul, who for years has brought you the informative series "Growing Forward" and "Out In Front" On Newstalk 870,  presents the Tough Talks Seminar Nov. 16th at the Volpentest HAMMER Center in Richland.

During this two hour session, you'll learn how to build the courage to confront in situations where needed.  Grow your listening skills, identify your conflict resolution style, and get to "win-win" in crucial conversations.

So often, we find ourselves not able to talk to people about what needs to be said, and when we can, we don't know how to say it.  This seminar will help you learn how to better face conflict in your life and at work, and improve attitude and performance.

The session will be held Friday November 16th, 1:00-3:30pm at 2890 Horn Rapid Road in Richland at the HAMMER Training center.

To register for Tough Talks, email paul at:   or visit his website.  To see more details at Paul's website click the button below.