It just never lets up does it? First Lady Michelle Obama, was on the "Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (just happened to be the same night that Olympic gymnastics winner Gabby Douglas was there), and scolded Douglas for eating a celebratory Egg McMuffin from McDonalds once the gymnastics competitions were finished.

Douglas, who won the women's all- around, and several other medals in individual competition, said she didn't have time after the all-around to do any real celebrating.

After Gabby revealed her method of celebration Michelle couldn't help but chime in, seeing another opportunity to push her food-police policy. Courtesy of Newsbusters, here is the exchange:

Leno was acting like the little devil on her shoulder encouraging her (in a playful way) to eat the McMuffin:

JAY LENO: You trained your whole life... you win. How did you celebrate? What did you do?

GABBY DOUGLAS: We didn't have time to celebrate. It was team finals and had to turn the page to all-around finals and event finals after that. But, after the competition, I splurged on an Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s.

LENO: Egg McMuffin.


MICHELLE OBAMA: Yeah, Gabby, we don't... don't encourage him. [Laughter] I'm sure it was on…

DOUGLAS: A salad.

OBAMA: a whole wheat McMuffin.

LENO: It was on a whole wheat bun.

OBAMA: Yeah.

LENO: So an Egg McMuffin. Very good.

[Light laughter]

OBAMA: You're setting me back, Gabby.


OBAMA: It's so hard.

Nearly since the beginning of President Obama's term Michelle has ceaselessly waged a war on food that she doesn't agree that people should eat. And whether she was trying to pass it off as humor, her precedent has already bet set. She just can't leave well enough alone, even if it means making an Olympic gold medalist feel uncomfortable over her food choice for celebrating her world championship. Nice.