In addition to milk jugs you'll need a strand of bright holiday lights.

My wife saw a pretty cool idea on Facebook, and we thought we'd try it.

Simply gather as many one-gallon plastic milk jugs as you can. Make sure you wash or rinse them thoroughly or your Halloween will smell like a spoiled barnyard!

Using a Sharpie or other permanent marker draw a face on the side of the jug opposite the handle.

On the sides of the jug cut about a 2x2-inch hole -- one on each side. Make the holes as close to the bottom of the jug as you can.

The next step, run a string of lights through the jugs. If you have enough jugs you can position them so each jug has a light inside. We had eight, so we left two lights in between.

The next step is rather important, if you don't want your jugs to go flying into the neighbor's yard.  Make sure the line of lights is anchored to the ground. We drove Christmas light stakes with hooks down below the grass line. We put a stake between each ghost, and one on each end.

It only took a few minutes, and when you turn them on at night they can be seen from several houses down.

IMPORTANT:  if you really want them to shine, use white or clear C-9 bulbs. They're the big energy-sucking, large, teardrop-shaped glass bulbs. Try Grigg's Department Store in Pasco -- they have a huge selection of bulbs, wires, strings and more!

For an added touch, try using orange C-9 bulbs. It makes for a pretty cool glow. Just wait until we get our power bill!

(Townsquare media image)