By now, you've probably heard the infamous words uttered by President Obama last weekend referring to small business creators and owners.

Speaking in Roanoke, Virginia, Obama said, "If you've got a business, you didn't build that. Somebody else made it happen." Whether or not he was trying to articulate the importance of the help people receive along the way to their goals and dreams, it was a slap to hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs, dreamers and achievers. Rather than back peddle and salvage it, he continued to press the point that, basically, without government we achieve nothing.

Now, in response, this website has shown signs of going viral: It has exploded with a simple premise. Just like the Twitter handle #obamainhistory, this site allows people to post their own story or examples of great achievements that apparently were not achieved by the hard word of individuals. Some are serious, some hilarious, but all are a blistering commentary of yet another example of Obama showing how out of touch he is with the enterprising American.

Perhaps think of an example YOU woud like to post on the site. If you do,  email us (attention John McKay) and let us know. We will highlight your contributions to