The Washington State Senate by overwhelming measures approved two new education bills.

They are both expected to pass the House of Representatives. Senate Bill 5237 would focus on elementary children grades K-3 and sponsors say it is designed to "close the gaps" in reading scores. According to a press release, the bill would also potentially hold back lower-performing students:

Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, students who score in the lowest level on the third-grade statewide reading assessment, even after previous interventions, would either be retained or be required to participate in a remedial summer program. This decision would be up to the parents/guardians, along with guidance from the teacher and principal.

While parents would be given the choice of summer school or repeating a grade, this presents an interesting situation. Parents will be legally forced to either keep them back a grade if they are judged to be under-performing -- or attend summer school.