Whether you agree with a political leader's views, probably best not to call them the "anti-christ", especially when they have plenty of security people around them.

This isn't the first time that Obama has been heckled, in fact, not the first time he's been labled at the anti-christ.  It happened at a Los Angeles fund raiser, where man lobs the verbal bomb.  Watch here courtesy of Real Clear Politics.  The most interesting part of the video, though, is how the crowd responds with rather lukewarm applause when Obama replies to the man that he believes and agrees that "Jesus Christ is the Lord."  Not exactly a ringing endorsement of religion from the crowd.  The web is littered with thousands of blogs, websites, and people who claim that Obama is the anti-christ,  citing their interpretations of Biblical prophecy and current world events.  The most explosive accusation came in the 2008 election campaign, when Senator John McCain ran an ad called "The One" in which Obama was compared to the world leader in the best selling "Left Behind" series about the rapture and apocolypse.  In the series, a smart, young political leader emerges who promises to heal the nation and bring hope and healing.  The ad, using video clips of Obama, painted a portrait of him as someone who could be interpreted as such.  The ad ran only online, and touched off a storm of controversy.  Obama's message of "Hope And Change" was interpreted in theological terms by those who view him this way.  The man who heckled him was quickly escorted out of the venue.