Congressional leaders are accusing President Obama of a "power grab" after he made several controversial appointments to position on the National Labor Relations Board and the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Utilizing a government rule that allows the President to appoint officials to certain posts if Congress has been in 'recess' for at least 3 days, Obama tapped three more officials to sit on the National Labor Relations Board, which strongly controls and influences labor union and employment rules, laws and businesses in the US.  He also named former Ohio AG Richard Cordray as the head of his new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau,  a controversial "watchdog" group that Obama claims will look out for taxpayers when it comes to the financial affairs of American business.  Critics say the bureau is nothing more than an excuse for more government intervention into the private sector.  GOP leaders say Obama violated the recess law, which says the Senate must be in recess 10 days for the President to be able to appoint governmental officials; a Clinton era judicial ruling said at least three.    The Senate says it has NOT been in recess, due to the continual workings of the budget and other issues.   Congressional leaders say this will bring about a serious fight over the appointees and is a 'war on Congress,'  Obama replied by saying he won't take no for an answer--something he has uttered before.