Here's a good reason NOT to splash vacation or travel plans all over social media.

Hillsboro, Oregon, police report a couple who are described as 'serial burglars' using Facebook to locate potential victims in their area. 38-year-old Thomas Phelps, and 28-year-old Roseanne McCausland were located and arrested in St. George, Utah, after authorities linked them to a string of burglaries from Lake Oswego to Beaverton earlier this year.

The couple reportedly searched Facebook postings in the area to find information about wealthier families who indicated they would be vacationing, traveling or heading out of town. They then target their homes. They would pry open and disable electrical boxes to the homes, rendering alarms and security systems useless.

Police also raided two storage units rented to Phelps and found tens of thousands of dollars worth of items ranging from X-Box gaming systems to firearms. Police urge social media users to mark their accounts 'private' and never post information about upcoming travel or vacation plans. Even if people don't indicate when they're leaving, thieves can still see the posts, locate the home and then "stake out" the property until they see you are gone.

(Video Courtesy of KGW-TV)