The family of  a Border Patrol Agent killed using guns from the Fast And Furious Program exploded Friday, venting fury after nearly one year has passed since the death of their son, Brian Terry.

The father, Kent Terry,  said the lack of an apology shows what kind of person AG Eric Holder is.   The Terry family wants Holder, ATF and DEA officials who were responsible for the botched drug gun program to be held accountable.   The Fast And Furious program has created a huge scandal for the Obama Administration,  where several thousand guns were knowingly sold, or were allowed to be sold, to drug gun runners with the purpose of tracing them; making it easier to locate and apprehend higher level drug lords.   It didn't work,  most of the guns were lost track of, and now numerous deaths have been attributed to the guns used in the program, including Agent Terry.   He was killed in a firefight with drug cartel members who were using guns from the Fast And Furious Program.