Tree-huggers, unite!

This isn't what you think at first glance.  It's actually kind of funny! Usually, the term tree hugger brings to mind environmentalists who go over the top when it comes to preserving nature, perhaps even becoming eco-terrorists.

But these folks just want to break a Guinness Worlds Record, and may pass on some positive vibes along the way.

The organizers of the Hoyt Aboretum have set up the world's record attempt as a fun-raising event for the facility in Portland. The current official world's record for most people having a simultaneous tree-hug is 702, set in 2011 by the British Forestry Commission in England.

A Minnesota group claims to have had over 900 people hugging trees at the same time, but that mark is not confirmed.

Organizers of the Portland event are hoping for about 1,200 participants.  Entry fees and other fundraising activities plus donation events will raise money for the Aboretum.  The Portland Timbers soccer mascot will also attend the event.

Sounds like an event we could even put our arms around.