Deltona, Florida officials discovered a massive indoor household pot growing operation after an entire neighborhood went dark this last weekend.

Volusia County Sheriff's officers became suspicious after a neighborhood blackout occurred and the power company noticed one house was the culprit.

Power company technicians arrived at a home in Deltona to repair a blown transformer fuse.  The replacement fuse blew again after a few minutes of operation, causing a fire in the home's meter box!   Workers discovered additional wires that had been installed to illegally siphon more power to the home that would normally be used.

This, according to authorities, is often a dead giveaway about illegal growing operations, and sure enough, inside the home they found 43-year-old Ramon Munoz-Rodriquez had quite the set up.  Officials found 51  five-foot-tall pot plants, and 17 one-foot plants.  He allegedly tried to dispose of them when police arrived by throwing them over his backyard fence!

He has been charged with a variety of possession and intent to distribute charges.