Apparently, somebody thinks it's funny to try to get people to replicate a popular horror movie.

If you're not familiar with the movie " The Purge" it takes place in the not-too-distant future, when for a 12-hour period once a year, ALL crime is legal.  Police, fire, and other emergency services are "closed."   The movie was a huge hit in 2013, and grossed $86 million dollars OVER it's $3 million dollar budget.

In the movie, the Purge was created to act as a "catharsis", or a time to allow people to commit horrific behavior as a means of getting it out of their system.  It's also thinly-disguised population control, as most of the victims are homeless people and others who cannot afford security bunkers or weapons to defend themselves.

Well, now some clown (or clowns) have been spreading flyers via social media - including Facebook - urging Purge-like activities in Spokane!   According to NW Cable News:

"Flyers have gone around on social media suggesting riots and breaking into stores.

The flyer reads:

"August 22, 2014 everyone be downtown let's start a riot and hit up all the stores."

Leaders with the Spokane Police Department said the entire thing is frustrating and that there is no credible threat. Officers said they do not believe the event will happen. SPD officers will patrol on Friday just like any other night."

Denver and Houston have also seen similar social media posts.   Officials did not elaborate if they have any suspects,  but sources say authorities are working with internet and computer experts to try to pinpoint the source of the threats - undoubtedly for potential criminal charges,  namely threatening the public and attempting to incite criminal activities.