According to the FBI, who oversees backround checks for gun sales, a record number of Americans bought firearms for Christmas.

According to reports, two big reasons fueled the record number of purchases (1.5 million backround checks in December alone!)  1) fears that the declining economy is going to trigger a crime wave, and fears that in the coming year, or years, tighter, stricter new gun laws will go into effect.  This mass of buying included over 102 thousand backround checks on Dec.23 alone.  The National Rifle Association says cutbacks in police departments across the country have also spurred citizens to arm themselves.  Opponents of guns claim it's due to fear mongering by the NRA and other conservative groups.  Since the shooting of Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, there have been new calls for even tighter gun controls; yet another attempt by the left to restrict Americans' rights to own arms due to the actions of a single deranged individual.