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UPDATE--Kadlec Shooting Threat Suspect Is Hospital Worker
Officials now say the suspect who threatened to shoot doctors and workers at Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland Monday night is an employee of the hospital.
51-year-old Matthew Ganz entered the campus just before 7pm Monday night, armed, and threatened to kill numerous people...
Rattlesnake Ridge 1 Year Later: Slowing, Changing Direction
After triggering widespread panic in some circles, it's been discovered the huge hillside slide known as Rattlesnake Ridge is actually slowing and changing direction.
Now, this doesn't mean it won't ever slide or come down. But after nearly a year since it's discovery by a pilot flying over the hill …
Tri-Cities 'Dodges' First Round of Sears Bankruptcy Closings
Sears Holdings Inc. the parent company of Sears and K-Mart, announced Monday they would be filing Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and some 142 stores will be closed, on top of 42 already announced in August.
Fortunately, the only Sears closing in our state is the one in Bellingham, but several K Marts on the …