Their parents must be sooo proud!Some of the campaign buttons and souvenier items be sold at the Democratic National Convention, and proudly worn by supporters, even politicians - raised eyebrows in North Carolina.

A number of women were seen sporting campaign slogans that included "Sluts Vote",  or what representatives of Planned Parenthood did outside the venue: (from The Washington Examiner)

Consider the dozens of pink-shirted Planned Parent representatives. As the crowds stroll by, they yell out "Get your 'Protect yourself from Romney and Ryan condom,'" as they hand out pink condom packages with a single condom appropriately dyed blue.

Apparently the "Sluts" buttons and stickers were in support of Sandra Fluke,  who was deemed as such by Rush Limbaugh because of her insistence that the Federal Government support her free-spirited ways by forcing her university to pay for her birth control.