Fatal Kennewick Motorcycle Crash Makes National News (FOX)
The 28-year-old woman accused of being impaired when she collided with a Kennewick cycle rider Tuesday night has made national news, because she is also a well-known Instagram fitness model and fitness coach.
Kate Summers, who's being held on $500,000 bail, underwent a transformation that was ch…
Medical Issue Triggers Fence Shredding Crash, over 100 Feet
Kennewick police spent time late Saturday afternoon-evening trying to figure out what caused a driver to plow down a fence line, taking out over 100 feet of posts and slats.
Police were called to the 2400 block of South Vancouver shortly after 5:30pm, after witnesses and neighbors said this truck plo…
Stolen Truck Found With Crushed Cab, Blood at Scene But No Driver
Benton County Sheriff's are trying to solve a potentially deadly mystery.
Around 8am Thursday morning, they received a call about a crashed, crushed actually, older Dodge pickup found near the intersection of Beck and Owens Roads. The location is roughtly between 6-7 miles southwest of Finley...
Careless Driver Mangles Not One but TWO Cars in Shocking Wreck
A nice car is now headed to the car crusher, and one driver in trouble after a shocking driving accident wadded up two vehicles.
Police say around 8:20pm, 18-year-old Abriella Garcia Aguilar was Northbound on south Olympia near 10th when she slammed hard into another vehicle by the intersection...

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