Police Still Looking for Suspect Who Planted Bomb Near Prosser H.S.
What shakes up a lot of folks is that the device that was planted Tuesday on the grounds by Prosser High school was actually a bomb.
Officials are calling in and IED, or Improvised Explosive Device, and it's now in the hands of Federal officials who are trying to determine who may have planted i…
UPDATE–Device Found at Prosser High Was a Small Bomb
Tuesday around 9:30am students at Prosser High School were sent to Hausel Middle School after a suspicious device was found outside.
The object, according to police statements to the Yakima Herald, was a 'small' thermos type of object, and was noticed outside the school around 7:50am...
Moses Lake Woman Forced to Rob Bank with Fake Bomb
In a very scary story from Moses Lake, a woman claims she was kidnapped and forced to rob a bank with what looked like an explosive device. The bomb ended up being fake according to news reports and contains no explosive, but the story is still very scary...

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