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Walla Walla Sheriff’s Looking for Car Prowler [VIDEO]
Walla Walla authorities are searching for this suspect, who's believed responsible for a number of car prowls in the College Place area over the weekend.
He is seen on video shining a light into a vehicle, trying the door handle, and authorities also say he shattered the window of another vehicl…
Car Prowl Captured on Video, Cops Seeking Suspect [VIDEO]
January 8th, this suspect was allegedly committing a break-in on a vehicle in the ACE parking lot on GW Way in Richland.
The incident occurred around 5pm on the 8th. Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads can be confidential...
Thieves Use Stolen Debit Card to Buy Donuts
You would think if a criminal goes to all the trouble to break into a vehicle, search for and steal a debit card, they might buy something fairly substantial. But then again the lack of intelligence in the criminal mind never amazes us.

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