Man Chased Down After Waving Gun During Disturbance
Benton County Sheriff's and Kennewick Police were able to chase down and apprehend a suspect after he allegedly waved a gun at one or more people during an incident near Finley.
Shortly before midnight Sunday, Sheriff's were called to an area near SR 397 in Finley for a report of a man wavi…
100 MPH Chase Ends With Spectacular Crash near Richland
Around 8:15 Thursday morning, Washington State Patrol Troopers spotted this car near Van Giesen and Highway 240, and were going to pull over the driver for a possible seatbelt violation.
However, after the car pulled over and the trooper exited his car, the driver sped off...
Defective Car Lights Leads to 100MPH Chase, Then Run Through Mud
A pair of Franklin County Deputies were cleaning off a lot of mud, after what should have been a simple traffic stop for defective equipment turned into a high speed chase, then a chase through mud on a dairy farm.
Sunday night, Deputy Bolanos and Reserve Deputy Peregrino saw a vehicle on Taylor Flat…
Video Captures Wild Pasco Chase Following Armed Robbery [VIDEO]
Early Thursday morning, Pasco police were chasing and apprehending suspects after a victim reported he was assaulted and robbed.
It began around 4:13am when a 17-year-old Kennewick teen called 911 to report a male acquaintance of his had pistol whipped him, fired a shot in the air and then robbed him…
Mall Theft Suspect Plows Over Woman While Trying to Flee Cops
Two suspects led Kennewick police on separate chases Saturday night after police learned they were wanted on warrants, and were located at Columbia Center Mall.
Police say 21-year-old Jonah Glass, and 31-year-old Jose Perez Gonzalez fled when police located them at the mall on warrants...
Teens Flee Cops at 100mph, 2 End Up in Hospital After Crash
Monday night, Quincy Police and Grant County Sheriff's were involved in a wild pursuit of five teen juveniles in a car, which refused to pull over and later reached speeds of over 100mph.
Around 10:40pm, a Quincy Officer attempted to pull over a car seen running multiple stop signs in Quincy, bu…

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