Prosser Theft Suspect Car Chase Ends With Drugs, Car In Flames
It went from being a quiet night in Prosser to a car exploding and mass drugs, and evidence hidden 'inside' a female suspect.
Around 7pm Monday night, officers were called to the ShopKo on Wine County Road about an alleged theft. The suspect car was located, but refused to pull over...
Engine Meltdown Dooms DUI Suspect’s Escape from Cops
Tuesday night, Richland Police and the Washington State Patrol didn't have to go far to nab an intoxicated suspect who was driving on a suspended license. No, he wasn't driving a NASCAR truck, but you get the idea.
Shortly after 9pm, 49-year-old William Roe of Richland refused to pull over …
Wild Driver Nearly Runs Self Over Trying to Bail From Moving Car
Pasco police were able to corral an elusive driver who was speeding around early Wednesday morning.
When you're driving on a suspended license, you might NOT want to be burning up the streets at 4:15 in the morning.
Police responded to a report of a black Honda tearing it up near Oregon Ave...
Driver Fights, Flees From Police, Later Brought Down in Cornfield
A Walla Walla police officer nearly got the ride of his life from a driver who tried to fight then fled in his truck during a traffic stop near West Whitman Driver and McKinney Road.
Around 3:45pm Sunday afternoon, the officer pulled over this truck and learned the man behind the wheel was driving on…

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