Puppies Found in Dumpster This Winter Now Available to Adopt!
A terrible story can now have a happy ending! Back in January, 3 puppies were found in a garbage can outside of Bulldog Car Wash. The man who left them, was thankfully caught and charged with 3 counts of animal cruelty. The pups (along with their mom and brother who were surrendered to Animal Contro…
Baby Ducks Halt Traffic Near Clearwater and Arthur in Kennewick
Thursday on Clearwater in Kennewick, traffic was briefly slowed for a family of little folks, who apparently were not aware the city just spend a ton of money putting in a new crosswalk not far from Winco Foods. Unless they were on their way to University of Oregon football practice.
10 Totally Aww-Worthy Puppy Fails
Ladies and gents, it’s time for another round of entertaining fails. Recently we’ve scoped out the really unfortunate and the semi-painful type of fail. But this time around, we’re going for the straight up adorable, AKA puppy fails.