Drunk Driver Busted After Shooting Gun While Cruising
Officials say it's fortunate nobody was hurt by this crazy drunk driver.
Around 7:16am, police responded to reports of a man driving erratically, and firing a gun out his window.
The car was first spotted driving crazily near 27th and Ely, then another witness said they saw him shoot several runs…
Driver Fights, Flees From Police, Later Brought Down in Cornfield
A Walla Walla police officer nearly got the ride of his life from a driver who tried to fight then fled in his truck during a traffic stop near West Whitman Driver and McKinney Road.
Around 3:45pm Sunday afternoon, the officer pulled over this truck and learned the man behind the wheel was driving on…
Suspended Driver Takes out Fences (2), Bushes (3) and More!
Wednesday afternoon, Kennewick police found the driver who veered off Center Parkway and did a lot of damage was driving on a suspended license.
No details given about who they were or why their SUV left the road, but police said the eastbound vehicle 'veered' off the road, went through two…
Cops Helping Driver of Broken Car Learn He’s Assault Suspect
Tuesday night, Kennewick police came upon a disabled car that was being pushed out of the road by two men, turns out one wanted for assault and the driver was legally drunk.
Officers on patrol near North Kellogg and Deschutes came upon the car around 11:12pm, and learned the driver, 22-year-old Nicho…
Roundabout 1, Learner’s Permit Driver, -0-
Roundabouts can be tricky enough for a seasoned driver, for one with a learner's permit, even worse.
Sunday afternoon a young driver was trying to negotiate the roundabout in Columbia Park near the Veterans Memorial when they lost control and slammed into the light pole...

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