Drunk Corvette Joyrider Nearly Takes Out Other Drivers
Did he really think nobody would notice? Especially police?
Tuesday evening Kennewick police apprehended a 30-year-old driver who was seen ripping through downtown Kennewick in a silver Corvette, endangering other drivers.
Police said multiple calls came in to the dispatcher about the car, which was l…
Burned Out License Plate Light Dooms DUI Wanted Suspect
So many times, it's small little details that trip up a suspect, or arouse the suspicions of police ending up in a bigger bust.
Thursday night, Kennewick police on patrol near Deschutes and North Fruitland noticed this pickup with a burned out rear license plate bulb...
Engine Meltdown Dooms DUI Suspect’s Escape from Cops
Tuesday night, Richland Police and the Washington State Patrol didn't have to go far to nab an intoxicated suspect who was driving on a suspended license. No, he wasn't driving a NASCAR truck, but you get the idea.
Shortly after 9pm, 49-year-old William Roe of Richland refused to pull over …
Woman Pleads Not Guilty in Death of Kennewick Moped Rider
A well-known Instagram fitness model and coach has pleaded not guilty to charges associated with last Tuesday's fatal crash that killed a moped rider.
Katie Summers entered the pleas in Benton County Superior Court Monday morning. Summers is accused of killing 31-year-old Lionel Birrueta at the …
Drunk Driver Gets “High” on Rock in Park-Literally
Saturday morning, a rock may have saved a woman from a more significant wreck, and possibly kept her from hitting other vehicles.
Kennewick police responded to Columbia Park Trail in the park, not far from the Edison entrance after getting a call about a car 'stuck on a rock.'

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