State Health Officials: More Flu Likely On the Way
With the flu vaccine posting an estimated 36% success rate in preventing serious flu issues, Washington State Department of Health officials say people should still get the shot, and to prepare for more flu issues.
Thursday, the Department said H3N2 is the variant causing most of the issues in those …
Oregon Conditioning Coach Suspended Over Players Being Hospitalized
It's no secret college football teams are employing new and often radical methods of conditioning, in an effort to become champions. But at the University of Oregon, these methods apparently resulted in three players landing in the hospital, and several others exhibiting potentially harmful phy…
All You Need to Know About Chicken Pox Parties
Will you choose a vaccine or a party? A chicken pox party (where you intentionally expose your child to chicken pox) has some benefits but they don’t outweigh the strengths of a vaccine that can prevent you from ever having to deal with chicken pox.
Protect Yourself From West Nile Virus
In Benton County there have been two positive cases of West Nile Virus (WNV) in birds this year, none reported in humans. Overall, 4 cases in humans in the United States have been reported; 2 that were neuroinvasive and two that were non-neuroinvasive.

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