WA Attorney General Suing over 3-D Printable Guns
Critics say Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson appears to be flirting with violating the 2nd Amendment by joining a multi-state lawsuit that aims to prohibit the distribution of instructions and manufacture of what are called 3-D printable guns...
Franklin County Joins Opiod Lawsuit Against Manufacturers
Among the many local, county and other governmental agencies (and entities) who've joined a federal lawsuit against opioid manufacturers now includes Franklin County.
The lawsuit claims makers of such drugs as Oxycontin and others have created the 'worst man-made epidemic' in history.
WA AG Joins Lawsuit Against Oil Companies Over Global Warming
Attorney General Bob Ferguson has joined CA and New Jersey over a lawsuit against the five largest oil companies, claiming they caused global warming.
The suit, in which Ferguson has filed a "friend of the court" or amicus briefing, sounds very much like the tobacco suit championed …

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