Kennewick Schools Not Liable in Sex Abuse Case, Says Jury
Some updated news from the Benton County courthouse, where a trial has ended for four plaintiffs who claimed a former educator molested them on trips to Seattle.
Former Kennewick High teacher and coach Bill Pickerell, who's already served time and admitted to several molestations, was accused of…
Videos Released of Pasco Armed Robbery
Pasco police are seeking a suspect in the Tuesday night armed robbery that occurred at the Sky Market and 8th, and A Street, which is NOT that far from our radio stations at 28th and A. They've now release video of what happened.
10 Things You Should Stock Up on Before Getting Snowed In
We've finally gotten a break from the snow storms, but we're not out of the woods yet. There may be more snow and ice headed our way, so I've made a list of things you should definitely have in case of getting snowed in. Some are obvious, but there may be some things you wouldn't…

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