NHL Cancels Preseason; Regular Season Now Seriously in Doubt
Just seven years removed from the cancelled 2004-05 season, the NHL is moving perilously close to another major work stoppage. The regular season is still scheduled to begin October 11, just two weeks away, but the owners, who locked the players out earlier this month, have now decided to fully canc…
The Fists Fly In Pittsburgh
Want a playoffs preview? You couldn't script this any better. Two division rivals representing cities that hate each other anyway, fighting in the standings (4th and 5th in the East). You knew this would happen. A circus like this was well in the making all year long, but the biggest line brawl of t…
Miraculous Save…Literally. [VIDEO]
Is it an optical illusion? Choppy video? An unseen bump or gorge in the ice? A ghost? After the jump, check out the "miraculous" save by Los Angeles Kings Goaltender Jonathan Quick and tell us what you think.