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‘Weird’ Behavior of Driver in Parking Lot Results in Bust
After getting reports of a suspicious vehicle lurking around the parking lot at 300 South Columbia Center Boulevard, police came to take a look.
After arriving at the parking lot of the Flower Farm (just south of the Flashcube HAPO Building) they found 23-year-old Jesus Nunez sitting in the car, and …
Couple Busted Doing Drugs Right in Front of Restaurant
Kennewick police busted a man and woman, who were sitting right in front of a business in their car, doing meth in the parking lot.
Sunday afternoon, a call came in from a concerned citizens, drawing police to the corner of Clearwater and Morain. It ...
People Sleeping in Running Car at Restaurant Busted for Narcotics
Early Friday morning around 8:30am, Kennewick police responded to the Dennys' parking lot at Kennewick Ave. and Highway 395, after passers by saw two people inside a car who appeared to be unconscious while the engine was running.
Police showed up to do a welfare check and found 26-year-old Kari…
7 Cars Wrecked But NO Injuries in Walmart Parking Lot Crash
Amazingly nobody was injured other than a few bumps and bruises, but it took out 7 vehicles.
Kennewick police continue to investigate a 7-car pileup that occurred in the Walmart parking lot Wednesday afternoon.
Authorities say the driver of the white pickup lost control of his vehicle, and ended up st…