Teen Shoots 6 with Shotgun at Toppenish Party
Police say that 6 people were shot after a fight broke out at a party outside of Toppenish and someone fired a shotgun. The injuries of the people injured range from minor to serious but none were life-threatening according to news reports...
10 People You’ll Meet at a Super Bowl Party
The Super Bowl is easily the greatest sporting and TV event all year, and you know what that means-- awesome parties. Tons of food, tons of people and even more food always amounts to a good time, which is why we're psyched for Sunday.
It’s Pool Party Time! [VIDEO]
Summertime is here and it is always fun to invite your friends over for a pool party to enjoy the great weather and relax and let the water wash your worries away.
Every once in awhile though you do end up with an uninvited guest. You do your best to to get them to go away...

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