This Thanksgiving Unusually Warm? Nope
Much of the weather buzz around the Tri-Cities is about how 'warm' and rainy it's been, and the weather expected to crest 60 or higher on Thanksgiving Day.
Warmest? Not by a long shot.
Save Time Peeling Potatoes This Thanksgiving with Trick
If you ever had to peel dozens of potatoes for Thanksgiving, I am sure you will never want to do it again. I learned this trick that saves a ton of time and works great. After these few easy steps, the potato skin will just fall off saving you tired hands and a ton of time...
6 Cool Ways to Mix Up Mashed Potatoes This Thanksgiving
Mashed potatoes are one of my favorite foods but I hate how everyone argues about whose are better when really the only differences are a pinch of crumbled bacon, maybe some sage, occasionally shredded cheese or a little sour cream. So in my quest to have the BEST mashed potatoes this year, I looked…

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