Big Stash of Stolen Vehicles, Property Found, But Suspect Missing
It wasn't just trucks, but a tractor, stolen tools, a trailer and large amounts of copper wire.
Now Hermiston police and Umatilla County Sheriff's are searching for a 25-year-old suspect in connection with the discovery.
Authorities say two Chevy trucks, a John Deere front loader, a cargo trailer, too…
Burglars Hit Fred Meyer Fuel Station, Steal Hundreds of Items
Kennewick police continue to investigate several burglaries at the Fred Meyer fuel station, located on the West side of the parking lot from the store at 10th and Highway 395.
Police say over the last several weeks, several times suspects have broken into this cabinet that holds energy drinks, water …
Library Bike Thief Leaves Behind Cellphone, Cops Find It
It's been four days since the crime, and apparently the suspect is keeping 'radio' or at least cellphone silence.  Probably because he dropped his as he was stealing a bike from the rack at the Walla Walla Library!
Police report they really want to speak with him, especially Offic…
Police Seeking Yet Another Porch Pirate
We saw a lot of these cases, especially last fall and into the holiday season. After a bit of a lull, they're coming back again. The theft of delivery packages from porches and front steps coined the term 'porch pirate,' and the cases have grown across the country...

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