Drug Suspect-Thief Picks WRONG Time to Shoplift–In Front of Cops
Wednesday evening, Kennewick officers stopped by Grocery Outlet-Bargain Market on 4th on a routine visit. Periodically they visit various businesses to see how things are going, if they're having security or theft issues etc.
It just so happens when patrol officers were inside the store, this su…
Mall Theft Suspect Plows Over Woman While Trying to Flee Cops
Two suspects led Kennewick police on separate chases Saturday night after police learned they were wanted on warrants, and were located at Columbia Center Mall.
Police say 21-year-old Jonah Glass, and 31-year-old Jose Perez Gonzalez fled when police located them at the mall on warrants...
Neighbor’s Camera Captures Motorcycle Theft, Suspect
Kennewick police hope to have video to release soon, but this picture was available.
Wednesday night round 6:30pm, police got a report from a resident in the 1900 block of West 3rd, who said his surveillance system captured what he believed to be was the theft of his next door neighbor's motorcy…
Car Wash Coin Machine 1, Burglar’s Blow Torch, -0-
We're guessing this person was quite determined...yet, epic fail.
Kennewick police say Tuesday night, someone tried to use an acetylene torch to break into the coin box at the Steptoe Car Wash.
The perp caused damage to the coin machine, but was not able to obtain access...
Motorcycle Thief Takes ‘Wrong’ Kind of Bike Offroad
Pasco police and the Washington State Patrol have reunited this motorcycle with it's owner, after it was found dumped in a field just off SR 12 by the river, near Sacajawea Road.
Police on patrol had noticed the bike sitting out in the field, an unusual place for such a custom ride. One...
$1K Hobby Lobby Theft Suspects Sought
Police didn't say if they got away with any actual merchandise, but they allegedly tried to, to the tune of over $1,000 worth.
Saturday afternoon police say these two suspects, a man and woman, attempted to shoplift $1,032 from Hobby Lobby...
Who Steals Major Electrical Boxes and Breakers? These Guys Did
Kennewick police continue to search for thieves who made off with some not so common electrical boxes that left several businesses on Grandridge Boulevard without power, even into Sunday.
Police say somebody, during the night, cut electrical lines, then removed the circuit breakers from the electrica…

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