Stolen Truck Driver Commits Trifecta of Offenses
So many times we've heard the old phrase, "crime makes you stupid." Well, in many cases, the stupid proceeds the crime.
Kennewick police arrested the driver of this truck Wednesday evening, near Steptoe and Center Parkway.  A sharp-eyed officer noticed it matched the descr…
VERY Dishonest Thief Sought by Authorities, Karma Police
There are those who firmly believe what goes around, comes around. In this case, this woman is headed for bad juju.
Richland police say she's accused of making off with a wallet that was left on the counter at the George Washington Way Circle K store recently...
No, Convenience Stores Are NOT ‘Help Yourself’ For Cigarettes
Kennewick police are seeking a rather bold woman who marched into the Circle K at  on South Washington street around 1am and helped herself to a lot of cigarettes.
Authorities say the woman, while she was at the counter, apparently took advantage of a short time waiting for the cashier to walk b…

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