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New Youth Fall Ball League Coming to Tri-Cities
Baseball in the fall? Why not?
Kennewick National Youth Baseball is kicking off a new Fall Ball Baseball league, that will play games on Sundays, from September 9 through October 14.  Fall Ball is nothing new to the Tri-Cities, but this league will differ in that teams will only play one game ea…
A Year-Round Pike Place Market-Style Market in Tri-Cities!?
If you've ever been to Seattle, or seen a a photo of Seattle, you've seen Pike Place Market. For a few years now it seems that the idea of a year-round market like this in Tri-Cities has been thrown around. So many people are in favor of it, but what will it take to make it happen...
Donald Trump to Build New Tower Near South Kennewick
We hear so much about economic development in the Tri-Cities, but this is really exciting!  According to sources, Donald Trump Enterprizes is going to begin construction of a 51 story tower complex just south of Kennewick in 2019.
Although he's President, the plans for this have been in the…

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